Travel Guide


In 2018, I was assigned this project in the course Graphic Design 2. The challenge was creating a travel and tourism guide encouraging more tourism in your chosen area.


Deliverables of this assignment included a stamp booklet, instructions, locations, tasks to complete to get the stamps, fun facts, and a biography of the location. The design of the stamps should be related to collectibles.


In 2022, I updated the design of this travel book after finishing school and expanding my knowledge of design concepts. The city I chose was one of my favorite towns in Colorado, Castle Rock. I wanted this guide to be something someone loves so much that they display it on their coffee table or use it somehow in decorating their home if they choose to do so. The concept behind the stamp collection for this project was the individual would take a photo visiting each location and take a picture of themselves there. Later, they’ll upload these photos for proof and be mailed their stamps. This idea was because some of the locations are trails, and leaving something like stamps lying around these locations could end up in damage or the stamp being blown away, adding to litter in the environment. The solution gives the city pictures of their visitors, and the visitors receive something to remember their trip by.
Illustration • Publication Design • Typography