The James Collection Book


The International Quilt Museum was celebrating 25 years in 2022 and wanted to commemorate its first collection. The quilts were displayed from May 2022 - October 2022; the museum wished for a book to tell the story of the James Collection and its curated behind-the-scenes.


The goal was to create a layout based on a grid but kept the viewer's attention as they read the story of the James Collection and viewed the photos of all the pieces.


As you view the different pages of this book, you see that the columns of text and photos are always different. But they are still lined up along the grid. Sometimes the columns were slightly thinner or thicker, depending on the image. My goal was to make each page unique. Each chapter contains a title page, the story, and multiple pages of photos of the quilts. This was the fun part, and I could experiment with where to place the image of the quilt and the title that belonged to the picture. Each of these pages was unique to themselves as well. Some featured one and two, depending on the image size. I had to work with the order the client gave me, and I couldn't turn the quilt any other way than being right side up.
Publication Design • Layout design • Typography