Spotify Wrapped Campaign


I was assigned this project in 2021 for the class Art Direction. Our challenge was to find the gem (insight) by creating a Spotify Ad.


We were challenged to think about what we have been listening to lately: music and podcasts. Next, we dive into what is interesting and what is weird. Finally, we must examine our customers unfulfilled wants to find the gem.


I created the first iteration of this project and added to it each year after. The gem behind my idea was catering to the viewer's nostalgia and promoting Spotify Wrapped, Spotify's yearly marketing compilation of an individual's favorite artists, songs, genres, etc. My target audience was young adults, and in 2021 Y2K made a significant comeback and influenced fashion and music. So I decided Spotify would deliver a "magazine cover" influenced by the design of popular Y2K magazines like Tigerbeat and showcase the listener's top artists and songs. My target audience grew up right when these magazines were popular and displayed various popular Disney Stars and young adult actresses and singers of the early 2000s. I used my own Spotify Wrapped and chose some of the lyrics and albums from the artists that year I listened to. I updated it for my 2021 and 2022 years and enjoyed seeing the common denominator throughout the "issues" and how my music taste has evolved. The project has now turned into a fun, personal project of mine.
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