Mnrva - Senior Capstone Project


As my final project for my senior year, I was challenged to take what I've learned during my last (five) years of undergrad and create anything I wanted.


I chose to create a brand and use the knowledge I've gained through my degrees to execute this brand. I learned a lot about Integrated Marketing Campaigns through my Advertising degree, and I used that knowledge, plus my design skills, to not only think of the brand but execute it as well. Thus, Mnrva (Mi-Ner-Vuh) was created. The idea behind Mnrva was personal to me. At the time, I was devoted to the gym and aesthetic lifting. I knew all about the fitness community and the different types of products women used to supplement their fitness journey. The major problem was that many of these companies needed to be more transparent about their ingredients or, if they were, terrible ones. So, I researched and learned all the essential ingredients for the five products I created.


The "ingredients" were clean and clear to the customer. One part of Mnrva was they also educated their customers on the ingredients. Only a few fitness people knew the big words on the back of their protein powder. Each product a customer purchases would come with a booklet that describes how the product helped them in their fitness journey and each ingredient and what the ingredient is and how it is beneficial. I also created a website for customers to purchase these products from and can easily access the information in the booklets. With this big idea came the design. I was targeting 18-28-year-old females. I noticed via social media like TikTok that women these ages bought things that had "pretty packaging." So I made the color palette girly and chose fun, wavy fonts to support the designs. I went into full detail with everything, even picking out the container serving sizes. I also created a mailer box that the customers would receive when they ordered on the website. There's also the question of why I chose Mnrva, based on the Greek goddess Minerva, a "woman of great wisdom." With Mnrva, women have the wisdom to know what they are putting in their bodies.
Branding • UX Design • Logo Design • Typography • Packaging Design