Robert Allen Social Media


The client approached my employer, who wanted to begin Facebook ad campaigns and use us to take over their social media accounts. The current social media was inconsistent with design, and the ad campaigns didn’t have much thought put into it at the time due to the client doing the work themselves.


The goal was to drive more traffic to their website and create more sales through our advertising by creating campaigns that catch the attention of their target audience through both Facebook ads and social media posts. The client also requested 15 social media posts and 2-3 Facebook ads a month.


I first updated the brand image on social media by creating a consistent look and feel via typography and colors that went with the brand. Next, I began planning social media content and advertising content as well. I was required to plan, propose, design, and publish these social media posts and ad campaigns in a timeline of three days. After taking over its social media, the company had exponential sales growth on its website coming from social media versus last year.
Social Media Design, Digital Marketing, Ad Concepting, Brand Identity