Robbers Cave Brand & Website


In 2020, the client approached my employer to help create a brand for their newly-established company. Robber's Cave has housed many businesses over the years, and the latest and greatest is their social hall. The client needed a logo, brand identity, and website to launch the new event space and drive customers to book.


The goal for the client was to make a brand that tied in the history of the location and the name of the social hall used. I needed to create something reminiscent but timeless that could last for years. Along with the new identity, the website's goal was to drive business, allow potential clients to see the space, and intrigue them to book it for their event.


The logo came first in the project. Inspired by 1920s stock art, the visualization behind the logo makes it look as if it has been "photocopied" repeatedly, tying the brand into its historical roots. Next, the lantern was requested to be featured by the client; it comes from vintage images of the Cave in the early days. After multiple iterations of the lantern, we chose this one. It wasn't too "handrawn" but gave the brand a desired look.
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