Powers Products Website


In 2022, Powers Products approached my employer to help fix their hacked website, create a better portfolio, and design a new look that will aid potential new customers in learning about how Powers Products can assist them.


Powers Products is a company that sells architectural products to architects. The company is family-owned and managed out of Denver, Co. The website's goal was to restore and fix anything that was damaged from being hacked and create a new portfolio that can filter multiple options for the customers to view different products.


The first tackle was the portfolio on the website. Creating this part of the site took a lot of custom coding and research. The portfolio allows the customer to filter by location, the type of product or the brands they sell, or all three together. The customer can also search for different topics after the portfolio was the homepage. I wanted to display as many projects in an eye-catching format. The front page explains the mission of Powers Products, tells the viewers the three main products they sell, has a list of all the brands they carry, and has a section about the company. It's a short description of the company as a whole. The viewer can learn just enough to be intrigued and move further into the website, where they'll find all the services, products, brands, and case studies that Powers Products can provide.
UX Design • Storytelling • HTML + CSS