Nightcap Website


Nightcap Management is a property manager based in Lincoln, Nebraska, focusing primarily on hotels. They needed a new website to showcase their portfolio of the hotels they have brought to the different areas around Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado.


Hotel businesses' are often showcased as luxurious. This is what the website needed to convey. Nightcap Management is a classy, professional brand that can bring a specific type of hotel to a new area and provide the support it needs to run.


I created a portfolio to display the hotels Nightcap already works with so they can bring in new clientele. The look and feel of the website are luxurious and show some of the more beautiful hotels they run. The viewer can find a map at the bottom of the homepage to see all the locations of hotels they manage. Nightcap's services are easy to find, so the potential client can learn what Nightcap can do for them. The website stays up-to-date with its portfolio and has a pipeline feature for viewers to see what is coming next for the company.
UX Design • Storytelling