Husker Athletics Internship


The Huskers are a well-known brand many people love and interact with daily. Keeping these fans engaged and in the know about all things Huskers but excitingly and creatively is essential. As an intern at the Athletic Department, I worked with the Husker Men's and Women's Gymnastics and Women's Soccer teams.


Two of the three teams I worked with had a smaller following but fans who still loved the sport. So I had to engage these fans and bring in recruits and fans through my social media strategy.


For the women's soccer team, I had the chance to be the lead intern and teach the other student workers what it is like to create content calendars and manage a Husker Athletic social media page. For all three sports, I had the privilege of making seasonal game/meet day graphic templates that I updated during the meet/games to keep the fans' following on social media up-to-date. Along with those duties, I shot photos of the athletes at practice and in the gym and created other content for the seniors, season schedules, and awards.
Social Media Design • Digital Marketing • Photo Editing • Photography • Copywriting