Fashion Magazine


In 2018, in the class Graphic Design 1, I was initially assigned this project. The challenge was to create an original magazine with a front cover, two double-page spreads, and a table of contents.


The target market for this project was male and female readers interested in arts or design. In addition, I aimed the high-end magazine at students, professionals, and amateurs who value informed awareness and knowledge of contemporary international design.


In 2022, I updated this project’s design to fit my portfolio better. The concept behind this magazine was: I imagined a fashion magazine named “Culture.” The idea behind this magazine is each issue will take on a historical design movement and how it has influenced runway fashion. The first issue covers the Avant-Garde era. The design of the magazine plays a vital role in the concept. The definition of Avant-Garde is “new and unusual or experimental.” As I made the design, I experimented with the layouts and images I chose for the magazine. Some pages include different manipulations of the model’s features, playing with color and the design, and incorporating typography into the image.
Publication Design • Photo Editing • Typography