Connect Pediatric Social Media


Connect approached my employer after we built their website with the issue of wanting someone to run their social media. They were with an agency prior that they felt was charging too much. Connect Pediatric is a Pediatric Occupational Therapy clinic located in Lincoln, Nebraska. I have watched the company grow from one person to a small staff. They needed to advertise their services and additional programs to reach new potential clients and convey how occupational therapy aids children.


I needed to establish a new look for their social media that matched their branding. The idea was to educate their current audience and attract a new audience through colorful and friendly posts.


After establishing their new social media brand, one of the campaigns I created was the “8 Senses Campaign.” The campaign educates the viewer that the body has 8 senses instead of 5. The idea started as a bookmark idea and turned into social media posts. Additionally, every summer, Connect holds summer camps for their clients and anyone else who wants their child as a part of it. I created individual graphics for an e-blast and grouped them into one to promote the summer camps.
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