Case Studies


In 2020, I was assigned this project in the course Design and Layout. I was required to explore typography, color, and format. I was also encouraged to use design systems to explore different ways to explore a unique style while unifying each spread creatively.


This project aims to make the entire piece have a cohesive look and feel throughout the spread. I was required to use Photoshop and Illustrator to develop graphics and design elements and then combine those with the copy provided.


As part of the project, we were allowed to choose from a list of brands provided. I chose three companies: American Eagle, Aerie, and Glossier. I am familiar with the American Eagle and Aerie brand as I have worked there throughout college. At the time, a significant part of American Eagle and Aerie’s brand was size inclusivity (for American Eagle) and no photo editing (for Aerie). I roped Glossier into the three because they had similar brand goals as the other two. I dedicated the design to the good these companies promote, inclusivity with gender, sizes, and realism in portraying their models. I chose a color palette and an experimental design theme to create this piece and received a Silver Addy from the AAF for the project.
Publication Design • Photo Editing • Typography